About Us

tom driving with own in his lap

Who We Are

Double T Farm is owned and operated by Tom Kumpf and Theresa Ryan. We reside in the 40/42 area of Johnston County, North Carolina, and the farm property is located just over the Harnett County line.

Tom is on the ground (and sometimes covered in it) managing all aspects of planning, planting and harvesting the wide variety of produce we grow. Theresa handles the CSA membership, the website, social media and wrangling of our 3 growing boys.

How We Grow

Our goal is to EXCEED organic standards, not just follow them. Our primary focus is soil quality and health. This leads to a nutritionally superior product. We use:

  • Compost, compost, compost!
  • Organic fertilizers like Feathermeal, Greensand, Azomite, Aragonite
  • Organic pest controls (only when necessary) like Dipel, Spinosad and PgGanic
  • Cover crops like clover, rye, oats, peas, etc. to BUILD the soil

What We Grow

Seasonal vegetables and fruits like strawberries and melons. A comprehensive list is here


None. Tom has been growing organically since 1997, before the national standard was finalized in 2002. He learned from the master, Eliot Coleman, of Four Season Farm in Harborside, ME.

Why not? We feel the customer should make the effort to know their grower, the farm, and the practices they use. Transparency is the ultimate "certification."

Contact Us

To contact Double T Farm, email tom at double-t-farm.com or call 919-215-8915.

Mailing Address:

13302 Cleveland Rd

Garner, NC 27529